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Harringay 1954

1954 Harringay Arena Billy Graham began his Greater London Crusade in 1954 – the biggest single venture in evangelism attempted in the century. A total of 1,750,000 attended the crusade during its twelve-week period, and long before the end its impact was felt throughout the length and breadth of the land.

How did it all begin? 

Below is an extract from the Harringay Story, Part One - The Invitation.


‘In the middle of September 1951 a letter from Philadelphia Pa., reached the secretary of the Evangelistic Alliance in London. It was from the Rev. Ralph W. Mitchell, secretary for evangelism of the Pocket Testament League. There was nothing particularly significant about the letter apart from one sentence; and that sentence simply offered a suggestion. It was to the effect that a young America evangelist, by name Billy Graham, might be invited to Britain for an evangelistic crusade in the not too distant future.’

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