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Christian Life & Witness Course


We anticipated 400 people in the borough of Thurrock would sign up for this amazing training and become part of a movement which gives a message of hope to ALL generations. We are delighted that in fact more than 500 attended!smile

The Christian Life and Witness Course (CLWC) ran at four locations accross the borough of Thurrock with each location hosting the course on a weekly basis over three weeks.

CLWC was an integral part of the Rock Thurrock project and has encouraged and inspired the whole church community in the borough. The course helps Christians to reignite their faith and find power to live lives that radiate God's love. We discover the victory He has for His children and are equipped to share it with others through this dynamic course. Let's reach the next generation for Christ together!
billygraham small"One of the greatest contributions we can make ...
is through the Christian Life and Witness Course.
No church member should miss the opportunity to take this."

Billy Graham

Subject areas covered in the course are:

The Effective Christian Life
The Victorious Christian Life
The Christian's Witness
Follow Up and Care of New Christians
How to Lead Small Group Bible-Studies
The Christian Life and Witness Course helps Christians grasp key biblical principles that form a solid foundation for their faith.
Using Scripture to answer common questions, the BGEA shows how to build a victorious Christian life and share the abundance of that life with others.
"Every Christian ought to be exposed to this course so that they can be well equipped on how to effectively share their faith." Dr. T. Evans, senior pastor, Oak Cliffe Bible Fellowship, Dallas, Texas